Patch Notes: 0.4.0

With patch 0.4.0 come Hero Souls - the new way to unlock your favorite heroes.

We will be introducing Patch 0.4.0 on June 13 2019 at 06:30 UTC.

Greetings Pagans,

It’s been two weeks, so it’s patch time! With this patch we’re introducing a change that we know new players especially will love – a way to unlock heroes in a way that ISN’T predefined. This patch also has plenty of fixes, balancing, and a bunch of new enemy affixes. 

The pain is coming! We are still hard at work with many great features like the ability tree rework, more content and missions, items, and gameplay loops. Watch this space for more updates on our progress. 

Emil aka Easymode, Lead Game Designer


As always, we monitor heroes and make changes where needed. While we are currently happy with the amount of time it takes the average player to unlock all heroes, we recognize that making them gated in such a linear fashion is pretty frustrating, so we are doing something about that. Enter... Hero Souls. 

Hero Souls

  • Instead of having a specific Hero Shard price for each hero, each hero now costs only one (1) Hero Soul
  • Hero Souls are not restricted to any one hero
  • Hero Souls are obtained the first time an assassination is completed; there are seven hero souls in the game so at the moment, any assassinations past that will not grant hero souls
  • Hero Shards are still dropped and used to unlock cosmetics. 

Hero Balance


  • Passive: Critical hit chance amount decreased from 25% to 5%. 


While his bear companion is getting a general damage nerf, we discovered some glitches that make Vavvan benefit from Dameer’s gear a little bit too much, which is something we will be looking at for the next patch.

  • Vavvan’s attack damage decreased by 50%. 


General difficulty was amped up in a big way in the last patch and we are continuing to monitor how it behaves. For now, we have some further tweaks to it. 

  • Armor and Resistance penalties are now calculated before applying stats and stat caps
  • Defense Missions: shrine health rebalanced (increased) across difficulties
  • Higher difficulties now also bring penalties to “Chance to Dodge” in the same manner as penalties to damage reductions. 


We implemented some new types of stats for gear, and you can expect more expansions of the stats system in the near future. 

  • Fixed some Legendary Items having stat values of 0
  • Rebalanced some of Morokh’s legendary items to grant intelligence-based stats instead of strength
  • Dameer’s legendary weapon “Wrath of the Wild”: attack speed lowered
  • Blueprints now correctly show that weapon needed is of Legacy Rank 7 and not 8. 
  • The following stats have been added to the stat pool:
    • Attack Speed Bonus
    • Movement Speed Bonus
    • Increased Cold Damage Max Resistance
    • Increased Sunfire Damage Max Resistance
    • Increased Poison Damage Max Resistance
    • Increased Lightning Damage Max Resistance. 


Player challenge is something that we are constantly working on. For this update we decided to add new enemy affixes for elite enemies. The goal is to expand the affix pool before we introduce additional procedural content where they can be randomly generated. 

New Enemy Affixes

  • Shielded: Enemy is temporary invulnerable to all damage
  • Range Shield: Enemy is completely invulnerable when you are outside the indicated range
  • Thorns: Enemy periodically deflects part of the damage inflicted to it
  • Bloodthirst Aura: All enemies affected by this aura leech health when they hit you
  • Armor Break Aura: Lowers physical damage reduction of all heroes affected
  • Cold Vulnerability Aura: Lowers cold resistance of all heroes affected
  • Poison Vulnerability Aura: Lowers poison resistance of all heroes affected
  • Lightning Vulnerability Aura: Lowers Lightning resistance of all heroes affected
  • Sunfire Vulnerability Aura: Lowers Sunfire resistance of all heroes affected. 

General, UI & QoL Improvements 


  • Hunt: objective texts fixed to reflect the exact amount of actions needed to finish a hunt
  • Battlegate: added Hero Shard info preview for each Assasssination mission node
  • Party Screen: friends are now sorted
  • Party Screen: icons are larger. 


  • New and improved screen for reforging
  • Implemented inventory marker for inserted materials. 

Battle HUD Improvements

  • Added options for showing damage numbers:
    • None: damage numbers not displayed
    • Detailed: all separate damage numbers are displayed
    • Aggregated: sum of all damage numbers displayed as a single number. 


  • Removed quick-sell options for gear (Ctrl+click)
  • It is possible to mark all items for selling by right-clicking and then selling them with a “sell” button at the vendor. 


  • Party Chat added. 


  • Defeat screen has new graphics.