Play Pagan Online from March 22-27!

Co-op play, hero progression, three new playable heroes – play Pagan Online this weekend.

If you’ve been eager to get a glimpse into the fantastical world of Pagan Online, then you might want to free up your schedule this weekend. From Friday March 22 at 07:00 to Wednesday March 27 at 07:00 UTC, we will be opening the servers and allowing a Chosen few to run rampant in the Pantheon for Trials IV.

The Chosen are a select group of players who get to play the game before we open the gates to everybody. If you want in, then sign up to join the Trials and you could be playing this weekend too!

High-risk, high-reward is the name of the game (so to speak) so we’re glad to have co-op up and running. Form a dangerous duo with a friend and see how you fare against bigger bosses and even bigger challenges. For bigger rewards, naturally. We look forward to seeing what you think about playing together.

We’re also pleased to let you know that everyone who played Pagan Online at least once during the Trials, including the upcoming Trials IV, will be granted an exclusive pet – The Ascendance. Read more about this mythical creature here.

Last but not least, all eight heroes that will be available in Early Access are now here! Masha, Valeria, and Dameer have joined the fray. This is where our new progression system comes in – can you unlock them all in three days? We’re inclined to say no, but feel free to prove us wrong.