BFP #1 draws near!

Big F**king Patch #1 is close - read all about it.

You’ve seen the roadmap and you’ve been getting hyped, so it’s time to tell you all about Big F**king Patch #1 – which is coming next week!

Along with a new act of the campaign, wherein you’ll take a break from your land-lubbing ways to search the depths of the Land of Rod, the biggest changes to the game are to the loot and character progression systems. These are some pretty huge changes so let’s go into a bit more detail.

New loot and crafting system

We want your shiny new weapons and items to be a labor of love instead of a chore, so we’re rebalancing drops and changing the way you craft. Firstly, the weapons and items you loot have been finetuned to have relevant stats and be useful immediately upon pick up if you choose to equip them. Gold and material drop chances will change and rewards for missions won’t just be materials any more, but new consumables as well. The drop chance for legendary items and recipes will also be decreased, but their stats will be improved to make up for it. 

As for crafting, it will be better streamlined and a more satisfying process overall. Item stats will no longer come from the materials you use, but the recipes themselves. All recipes will have several guaranteed stats that your crafted item is sure to get, and these stats will stick with your items no matter how much you reforge. Recipes will also have random stats that have a chance of being transferred to your crafted item, and these will change upon reforge.

This new system means that recipes may require materials of different rarities to be crafted. For instance, if you desperately need that badass epic item, you’ll have to get a hold of the epic materials you need and depending on the recipe, you may need some rare materials as well.  

New character progression system    

We don’t need to talk about how amazing our current skill tree is… So, let’s just dive into what the new one will look like. Each time you level up, you’ll gain a skill point. Leveling up won’t be the only way to gain skill points though, because you’ll be able to earn some (up to a specific cap) by unlocking and completing special missions.

With your skill points, you can modify and improve your current abilities, or unlock completely new ones. This means you’ll be able to theory craft a bit more, explore different builds for different purposes (bring on the co-op wombo combos!), and of course chase up different items to go with said builds.

The core skills – the primary attacks and movement/defense abilities (LMB, RMB, and LShift) – will remain as staples determined to their heroes, so you can augment them but they can’t be replaced with something else. The other abilities will have different variants you can choose from and ways to further customize them even after that.   

The beginning of the end of the beginning

This is the first step in our overhaul on the way to a new and improved Pagan Online, and what an overhaul it is. These changes are massive, and you will essentially be playing a whole different game when this update is delivered. So significant are the changes, both in player experience and from a technical standpoint, that a database wipe is unavoidable.

We tried our very best to avoid a reset because we didn’t want it either, but this is the only way we can turn Pagan Online into the game you want. To lay it all out for you, a progress wipe will mean this:

  • Your legacy and character levels will be reset
  • Your inventory will be empty
  • Your currencies (gold, hero souls, hero shards) will be gone
  • Your campaign and side mission progress will be reset.

We know you have invested good time and effort into playing and we’re not taking that lightly. You have been instrumental to the development of Pagan Online and we love you for it. The least we can do is compensate you, naturally, for your time after the progress wipe.

Once you have downloaded BFP #1, the following things will be waiting for you:

  • One (1) Hero Soul
  • 150 Hero Shards for each hero.

We wanted to deliver this news to you in person (on the internet), so please check out the latest devlog. 

Big F**king Patch #1 comes next week! Watch this space and please do feel free to reach out if you have any questions on Discord or Reddit.