Meet The Ascendance – exclusive tester pet

Play during the Trials and receive an exclusive tester pet when the game is out.

This is the fittingly-named The Ascendance, who has been kind enough to join us for the Trials: IV so
you can get a sneak peek of how he works and which bonus he’ll give you in the game.

via Gfycat

We really appreciate the help (and sometimes patience) you guys have given us in playing, testing, and providing feedback. This pet, which you'll get when you purchase the game upon release, is for testers who have participated in any of our Trials weekends (including the upcoming Trials IV) and resembles a phoenix, in honor of our servers rising from the ashes after a teeny tiny hiccup we like to call the first iteration of Trials III… 

If you participated in at least one of the Trials, you've received a reward bonus code via an email from Pagan Online.
To redeem your exclusive Trials reward pet – The Ascendance – whether for the Steam or version of the game, please follow these instructions:

If you have an EU Wargaming account, click here.

If you have an NA Wargaming account, click here.

If you have a CIS Wargaming account, click here.