Pagan Online launches August 27!

Learn more about release, Pagan Online at Gamescom, and the Might & Glory Club.

We’re tremendously excited to announce that Pagan Online officially launches on August 27 2019, along with massive changes in both features and content – so massive that you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’re playing an entirely different game!

The best part is that this is just the beginning for Pagan Online, as the game will continue to develop and grow as an officially released game with regular updates. The game will launch with a price tag of 24.99 € EUR / $29.99 USD, and prices in other regions will also be adjusted according to regional pricing.  

After using Early Access to help us update and revamp a ton of systems and features in the game, we’re adding a lot of new content as well, which includes: 

  • A full story campaign featuring eight total acts, new zones and maps, and two new bosses
  • Click-to-move controls and full controller support – the game is and always will be designed with WASD in mind, but following overwhelmingly popular demand, we’ve extended the control scheme options   
  • Two new playable characters that expand and some more spice to the roster of heroes that players can choose from. A sneak peek: Elden, a quick and nimble dual-wielding ice construct with high attack speed. He is capable of slowing and potentially freezing enemies with each slice. Hector, an agile scrapper who specializes in everything fire. His weapon of choice is the blunderbuss, along with the dirty tricks he favors to set the battleground ablaze
  • Fabled Weapons – some Legendary Weapons can be upgraded to Fabled status by overcoming Pagan Online’s toughest battles
  • Schools of Magic – ultra rare gear sets that boost stats and provide your hero and their skills with awesome new looks
  • Revamped crafting and loot drop systems that makes drops more valuable, diverse, and immediately usable, while recipes become rarer and have a bigger impact  
  • All-new skill trees for every character, letting players build and spec out unique heroes by improving, modifying, and unlocking entirely new abilities 
  • End-game content that will provide new types of challenges for you to experience while continually evolving your favorite heroes.  


The launch version of Pagan Online will be exclusively playable an entire week before release at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Come along to the Wargaming booth (Booth A031 in Hall 8.1) from August 20-24. Players who come and try out the game at the booth will receive an exclusive in-game pet – Decimator the Dragon. Of course, not everyone can attend Gamescom, so if you log in to the Early Access live version during these dates, you too will receive an exclusive in-game pet: Mighty Mut, the brave raccoon.  

Might & Glory Club 

We are also introducing a new community initiative that we’re super excited about – the Might & Glory Club. This club is for anyone passionate about games and creating content around them – whether you be a streamer, blogger, artist, or anyone who creates content and/or manages a community. We want to offer you the chance to take part in the launch of Pagan Online and even to be mentioned in the game credits! 

Club members will be granted access to the release version of the game and will be able to stream and publish videos and other content a whole week before launch. All members will also receive codes for in-game rewards, including the exclusive in-game pet Decimator the Dragon, that can be given away on their channels. 

The most creative participants will be offered a partnership with Pagan Online. More information will be shared in the weeks to come, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Content creators are encouraged to apply to join the Might & Glory Club today at the application page.