Step into the world of Pagan Online

So by now we all know what kind of game Pagan Online is, but as for the story...

Aeons ago there was only the Shroud. It was not called the Shroud then, for it was everything and nothing at the same time – a vortex of energy, a fog made up of light, of darkness, of nothing much more than raw potential.
Soon enough, the Shroud began to spawn sentient beings. As with creatures of the ocean, they were originally simple forms, swirling masses of barely conscious energy. As they slowly grew in power, they formed personalities and capabilities of their own.

Most simply basked in their almost formless surroundings, but some were predatory in nature, seeking only to absorb others and return to the chaotic, primeval state whence they came. Some desired to create – they spawned other beings and beget small pocket realms within. Like islands in a tempestuous ocean, most of these realms perished, overwhelmed by both the Shroud and the creatures in it.

The cycle was eventually broken when one of the Shroud beings, later named Svarog, accumulated enough power through cannibalising its rival beings, and began to form a realm large enough to resist the Shroud’s relentless destructive overflow. He carved a piece of reality for himself, a continent within the chaotic swirl of the Shroud, and called it the Land of Rod.

Svarog sacrificed his immortality to create what would later be known as the Gods: Dabog, Veles, Perun, and Morana. The Gods began to shape the Land of Rod as they pleased, until a different power from the Shroud took notice…

The Gods are gone. A new war is brewing and unearthly creatures rise from the fog once more, but the Gods are not here to bring salvation. You, hero, have fallen in battle and awake in the Pantheon. Fate sees fit to give you another chance, a chance to prove your worth and to find out what happened to the absent Gods. Defeat this primordial evil once and for all.