Might & Glory Club: Heroes of the Day

Stay updated with the coolest player content coming out of the Might & Glory club.

A lucky few are enjoying Pagan Online's early release build and the exclusive rewards that come with it at gamescom, but we didn't want to stop there. The Might & Glory club continues this exclusivity but on a worldwide scale. Members of the club, content creators from around the globe, also have access to the same early release build so that they can bring it to you in their content so you can get a sneak peek of the game before its official launch. 

We're going to showcase the best content we find right here every day, so come back each afternoon and be sure to follow #MightGloryClub on Twitter to check for new content coming in and for a chance to win a code for the gamescom exclusive pet - Decimator, The Death of Worlds.

Heroes of Day 5 (25 August)

Today is the last day of the first Might & Glory club activity! The entries have been superb, so a big thanks to the members who joined in.

  1. Kevllar: Our favorite Vagrant Champion Masha takes the stage in Kevllar's Sunday Funday!

  2. Mottedebeure: Giving viewers a taste of both new heroes and keeping a good eye on chat is French friend Mottedebeure.  

  3. UeberschallUlf: The most grandiose stream we've seen, watch Ulf unlock the endgame with Hector and some beautiful classical music.

  4.  Vaserati: What a hilarious stream - watch Vaserati attempt to play Lukian by using voice commands only.

  5. RebornTheory: Want to catch a stream from the beginning of the game? RebornTheory has your back in this Hector stream.

Heroes of Day 4 (24 August)

The worldwide talent train continues.

  1. Vulkan: Vulkan does you new players a solid with this great beginner's guide to Pagan Online so you can hit the ground running. 

  2. IdodmgA: Still undecided on buying the game, or need a video to persuade your friends? Send them this concise and helpful video on what Pagan Online is.

  3. vithralith: Stick around for some good chat and hints from Czech streamer vithralith.

  4. Ctraxxi: Polish and interested in Hector? This is the video for you.

  5. Zolles: This is only a clip (a good one at that), but Zolles has some nice streams so be sure to follow!

  6. Its_MrO: Sick of seeing just Hector? Have some fresh Elden gameplay, courtesy of Mr. O.

Heroes of Day 3 (23 August)

We're half way through the week's Might & Glory Club activities, but our favorite content creators are showing no signs of stopping!

  1.  drhitch: Watch as Hector mows down hundreds of enemies without a hitch. #ShotsFired

  2. fatalPoulpos: Know how to drown out the screams of the monsters you're burning alive? fatalPoulpos has the right idea - get some good tunes on.

  3. Marlbowo:  Any French players out there looking to grind to Legacy level 7? Watch how Marlbowo gets it done.

  4. RViel: Hector seems to be a new favorite in Pagan Online - watch Portguese RViel progress through the story campaign.

  5. onglor: It's worth your time to check out our Guardian friend onglor, who is always full of knowledge about the game!

Heroes of Day 2 (22 August)

It's been another busy day at Gamescom and we've been thrilled to welcome you to a fully packed booth since this morning. For those of you at home though, we have another fine selection of great content coming out of our heroes from the Might and Glory club. Check it out: 

  1. Niko: Not every German player can hit Koelmesse, so for you Damen und Herren at home, check out this great overview of Pagan Online by Niko. 

  2. BenWolfers:  If you're starting in Pagan Online and need some pointers, Ben has got you with a chill beginner stream in Italian. 

  3. Tm_ezymode: Set the world on fire with this crisp Flamethrower build for Hector by Ezymode - the nice one that is. 

  4. SinnfullDuck: Come hang in chat for a chill stream featuring Elden - minus a few heat points on mob spawns. SinfullDuck always has an eye on chat, and is happy to answer your questions. 

Heroes of Day 1 (21 August)

The first day brought us streams galore! We're loving that you're all getting involved. A lot of heroes made an appearance on the first day of gamescom, so give it up - in no particular order - for:

  1. TKsPlaylist: Streaming new hero Hector, co-op gameplay, a kitty-cam, and some kickass art of our favourite not-dwarf Istok. Enough said. 

  2. PocketWookiee: A content machine, there are already two helpful and informative gameplay videos from this Pagan expert.

  3. alexrol1988: Get a taste of Pagan Online as you're taken through the very beginning of the Spanish version of the game.

  4. Exzyen: Get some good beginner tips in French in this first look at another new hero - Elden. Stay frosty.

  5. Ferlinna: Playing both Elden and Hector for you guys, in French, in a monster 24 hour stream. That's the kind of dedication the Gods smile upon!