Pagan Online is OUT NOW!

This is only the beginning - Pagan Online has officially launched.

We are incredibly pleased and excited to announce that Pagan Online is officially out as of today! This is just the beginning, so hold onto your seats.

So why should you buy Pagan Online?

Here’s a quick rundown of some of our favorite features:

  • A full 60 hour story Slavic myth-inspired campaign featuring eight acts, a ton of zones and maps, and God-like bosses (literally!)
  • WASD, click-to-move, and full controller support
  • Co-op game modes
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Two brand new playable heroes, bringing the total to 10 - Elden, a quick and nimble dual-wielding ice construct; and Hector, a gunslinging scrapper who uses dirty tricks on the battlefield
  • Skill trees for every hero - play around with builds by improving, modifying, and unlocking entirely new abilities
  • A deep crafting and drop system - use recipes to craft the almightiest of weapons and gather item sets to boost your kit and aesthetic
  • Speaking of almighty weapons - work your way up to Legendary and Fabled weapons by completing the toughest challenges Pagan Online has to offer
  • Endgame content providing you with more ways to test your mettle and continually improve your favorite heroes
  • Skins, pets, and emotes so you can leave your mark on the world
  • Sabaton Legendary weapons for each hero and a Jocke caped crusader skin for Kingewitch await you - add a little Swedish Pagan flair to the battlefield!     

What’s more, if you logged into the game during the week of gamescom, the Mighty Mut will be waiting for you in the Pantheon. If you were lucky enough to attend the event in person and played at our booth, redeem your code and the exclusive pet, Decimator, will also magically appear in your account where the rest of your pets are.

Read the full patch notes here

We're ecstatic to launch and we hope you are too. We want to tell you in person how grateful and excited we are, and of course, play the game we all love so much, so come hop in today's stream! 
Check it out on Twitch!