Hotfix: Patch 1.03

Servers will be down on 19 September from 05:00 to 06:30 UTC to implement this patch.



  • Fixed Elden’s stats
  • Added damage to Sleet Slide
  • Polished emotes. 


  • Added option to cancel Flamethrower channeling
  • Fixed an issue where Scrap-o-Tron availability was not accurate
  • Added oil spill burn buff
  • Polished emotes. 


  • Fixed the issue where Valeria’s Chakram would not deal damage to environment interactables. 


  • Fixed an issue where Altar of Gore was not shown while being used on enemies with stun immunity. 


  • Polished Masha’s Usud death scene
  • Can now move while casting Tarot of Destiny
  • Fixed the stacking for Deadly Dance. 


  • Added recipe chest spawns for lower tiers
  • Burning and poisoned statuses now deal damage
  • Implemented small changes to Crypt Forest map
  • Fixed campaign mission "Morana's Sanctum". 


  • Fixed issues with Specter. 


  • Fixed Legacy rank and level requirement for certain Legendaries
  • The Shroudborne legendary now does only Sunfire damage
  • Fixed an issue where Morana's Sacrifice legendary ward has Strength as an implicit stat. 



  • Fixed an issue with keybinding
  • Added tooltips for gamepad binds
  • Added quality of life improvements
  • Implemented Loot Filter for items from Schools of Magic sets
  • Implemented Loot Filter for gold. 


  • Improved audio for Dark Knight, Frost Wraith, Ice Crawler and Ice Elemental
  • Improved audio for Valeria
  • Implemented voiceovers for Lukian’s attack, death and flinch
  • Implemented voiceovers for Istok’s attack, death and flinch
  • Implemented voiceovers for Dameer’s death and flinch. 


  • Improved localization
  • Removed old functions related to obsolete account level rewards
  • Removed obsolete notifications
  • Improved chat widget behavior and visuals for unread messages
  • Implemented improvements for gamepad in Options widget
  • Implemented support for sorting.