Buying Pagan Online via Wargaming Premium Shop

If you participated in The Trials, you had to create an EU account. This is no longer necessary.

The and Steam versions of Pagan Online are identical in terms of features. If you want to buy the game via the Wargaming Premium Shop, then you should use an account of your region. If you have played any other Wargaming games, you will already have an account. If not, create your account, as you will need to log in to buy the game.

Once you've bought the game, follow these simple instructions to play: 

1. Download the Wargaming Game Center (WGC) launcher: : EU | NA | CIS

2. Run the Game Center installer and select your language and installation folder.

3. Log into your Wargaming account.

4. Go to the ALL GAMES tab and click on Pagan Online.

5. Choose your installation folder, accept the EULA, and click the big orange Install button!