Pagan Online Team

DEVLOG #7: Let us tell you a story... no spoilers!

Discover the storytellers and masterminds behind the campaign, the narrative designers of Pagan Online.

Hotfix: Patch 0.5.2

This major bug fix and QoL improvement patch will go live on Friday, July 19 at 14:30 UTC. Downtime: 1,5 hours.

Hotfix: Patch 0.5.1

Patch day fixes for your heroes, arena and audio issues!

Patch Notes: 0.5.0 aka BFP #1

Patch 0.5.0 will go live on 11/07 at 07:30 UTC. Downtime is 2.5 hours from 05:00 UTC.

BFP #1 draws near!

Big F**king Patch #1 is close - read all about it.

DEVLOG #5: To release & beyond!

Spoiler alert: after our big Roadmap reveal, Uros is back to announce our new devlog format.

From Early Access to Release

The journey to full release has begun! Read the scope of upcoming changes, our commitment, and the time frame.

Patch Notes: 0.4.2

Fixes, fixes, fixes!

Hotfix: Patch 0.4.1

Patch 0.4.1 is coming in hot!

DEVLOG #4: Hero Souls

Tanaram goes over Patch 0.4.0. changes; the balance of heroes and enemies and our brand new unlock system: Hero Souls.

Regional Pricing Change

We've changed prices based on your feedback.

Welcome, SEA and ANZ players!

Today, we are ecstatic to be able to launch Pagan Online in Early Access in South-East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.