The Blood Ritualist

Left for dead as a small child, Anya clawed onto survival against all odds. It was this tenacity and determination that invited special attention from an ancient order of Temna Kula priests as they happened upon her. She was raised and trained against her will to serve their twisted agenda by practicing blood magic. After years of servitude, the order came to the harsh realization that they had been preparing for their own downfall. Anya grew strong enough to turn their own methods against them and sever her bonds to set off on her own path.

To ward off the negative effects of her corrupted blood, Anya uses a whip to relentlessly lash her victims and consume their blood fragments to use powerful life-leeching abilities.


Passive - Blood Rite

Slain enemies will drop a Blood Fragment that Anya can consume. Each Blood Fragment regenerates corrupted blood and health, and temporarily increases damage.

Whiplash (LMB)

A furious long range whip combo.

Spinning Slash (RMB)

Powerful 360 degree whip slash that deals damage and pushes enemies back.

Vitality Rush (Shift)

Dash through enemies and leech health from them.

Bloodsucker (MMB)

Send out a huge blood bat that inflicts damage to all enemies it passes through and then returns to the caster, healing her for every enemy hit.

Swarm (E)

Summon a swarm of bats that inflicts bleed and slow to any enemy that enters the area.

Heartbeat (F)

Summon a huge beating heart that explodes after a short period, dealing massive damage in the area around it. Hitting the heart with primary attacks makes the effect more powerful.

Bloodbolt (Space)

Expend your own blood and cast a powerful projectile that explodes for small AoE when it hits an enemy, rooting them. The projectile explodes, leaving blood fragments on the ground

The power of Anya’s life-leeching abilities depends on Intelligence as her primary attribute, with either Dexterity or Fortitude next depending on if you want to live on the edge or not. The stats from weapons and gear can boost this, as well as provide resistances and bonuses. Don’t just depend on loot though! You can also craft your own items using recipes you’ll pick up from battles. Speak to Nirdalla to level up and customize aspects of your abilities.

"Anya lifted her hand to the sky and sucked in a breath. A bloodbolt – made of her own corrupted blood – pulsed and sparked even as she sent it cannoning into the first oncoming group. Lightheaded, she half stumbled, half knelt, and plunged her fingers into the blood fragment orbs that remained of the demons. Her splitting headache became a dull throb, her wounds started to close, and her body felt lighter. With renewed energy, she stood tall before the remaining horde and beckoned them. Anya couldn’t help but smile. Crack. The sound of her whip never got old; it was like music to her ears among the screeching of expiring demons and the drumming of her own heart. " - The Mystic's journal