The Frozen Soul

When he first woke, there was only ice and snow. He walked for days, lost in the swirling winds and frigid tundra before he realized it was no longer hurting him - it seemed to be empowering him. His essence has become frozen, his body and soul ice incarnate. The Igman tribesmen have called him Elden, but that name is all he has. He still continues to search for answers to his past, meanwhile his present is made up of demon corpses. The creatures seem to loathe him with a passion and he does not know why… but the feeling is mutual. Death is the key to revelation, and he knows his future will contain the knowledge he seeks. Though the Frozen Soul does not truly know his purpose in this life, deep within he feels he is destined... for something more.

Quick and nimble dual wielding frost construct with high attack speed that slows and potentially freezes enemies with each slice or javelin throw.


Frozen Edge (LMB)

A quick sword melee slash, that can target one enemy at a time.


Inflict damage to enemies in radius. Removes 1 Frostbite from affected enemies. If an enemy had Freeze, Shatter removes it and applies (maximum) stacks of Frostbite.

Ice Javelin (RMB)

A ranged single target attack that deals damage to and applies Frostbite. If enemy is affected by Freeze, the javelin chains to the nearest enemy. Maximum of 2 jumps.


After a short delay, summon icicles from the ground that apply Freeze instantly and deal damage to affected enemies.

Sleet Slide (Shift)

Dash in the movement direction, interrupting any current ability.

Frost Bind (Passive)

When enemy is slain, there is a chance to apply Frostbite to all enemies in radius.


Summon a huge hammer and slam the ground in front of you.

Glacier Armor

Conjure a frost shield that reduces incoming damage for a short duration.

Elden is fast and strong, and thus his Strength is his best attribute. The stats from weapons and gear can boost this, as well as provide resistances and bonuses. Don’t just depend on loot though! You can also craft your own items using recipes you’ll pick up from battles. Speak to Nirdalla to level up and customize aspects of your abilities.

"Elden watches as the Cyclops Herald bellows and barrels directly toward him and manages to close the gap between them in an almost unbelievable amount of time. Elden’s cold gaze lingers. The beast’s arms, mid-swing, suddenly lose momentum. Its eye widens; mouth opens, but no sound is heard. It is frozen solid, the entire body now a steel icy blue. Do demons feel fear, or was this anger? As usual, he cannot tell. Frustrated, he brings down both of his blades to chop both arms off before cutting the monster’s head clean off." - The Mystic's journal