The Rebel Fighter

The ruling elite of Valence lord over their technologically advanced society with an iron fist, with but only one fear: that the dejected Abandoned Ones, a rebel group made up of the lowest rung of society, organize and attempt a coup. To them, these people are like rats living on scraps. What they do not know is that the Abandoned Ones have a champion. He has no mercy for demon nor despot. He is no leader, but he gets things done. He is Hector, and he’s here to set your shit on fire.

An agile scrapper who specializes in everything fire. His weapon of choice is the blunderbuss and he’s not a stranger to using dirty tricks to set the battleground ablaze.


Dragonbreath Shells (RMB)

Single aimed shoot that damages all enemies in line. Hold the ability button to empower it.

Birdshot (LMB)

Shoot primary weapon from the hip. Damage falls off after half of the range.


Spew flames in front of you scorching all enemies with sunfire damage. Move at reduced move speed.

Combat Opportunist (Passive)

Each enemy that is affected by at least 1 damage over time or debuff in range around you grants you increased critical chance.


Quickly construct a mighty Scrap-O-Tron. Hector cannot move while in Scrap-O-Tron and and gains access to new devastating attacks. Recast to exit Scrap-O-Tron.

Dodgeroll (Shift)

Character rolls in the direction he is facing. Each roll reloads his weapon.

Oil Spill

Hector throws an oil flask on the ground to create an oil puddle that slows enemies.


Throw one of your rat pets at a targeted spot and make him deploy a turret to damage enemies. This ability has 2 charges.

Hector’s weapons are the epitome of pure Strength, and that is the attribute that should be leveled up the most. The stats from weapons and gear can boost this, as well as provide resistances and bonuses. Don’t just depend on loot though! You can also craft your own items using recipes you’ll pick up from battles. Speak to Nirdalla to level up and customize aspects of your abilities.

"It was now or never. The humanoid body on the ground, half covered in rubble, remained unmoving as the tell-tale warmth of a torch passed over its face. As soon as he was shrouded in darkness once more, a commotion began elsewhere. Although nobody was here to see it, the lips of the man curled upwards. The figure sprang up, his hands a blur of metal and cog as he constructed a huge man-sized turret which now stood where he was, pointed right at the angry mob now approaching with weapons raised and teeth bared. Alas, they were too late. They stood no chance against Hector’s secret weapon from Valence, his baby - the Scrap-o-Tron. Two small rodents scuttled up to his shoulders as he disassembled the turret. “Every single time”, he winked at them." - The Mystic's journal