The Stalwart Protector

Istok goes by more than one name – the last of his kind, Stalwart Protector, Ancient Sage of the Igman mountains. The only remaining member of an ancient clan of sages, he withstood the brutal trials and tribulations of his monastic order. Unlike his fellows, he staved off the insanity and broken body that seemed to be par for the course. Instead, he came out of it stronger and found inner peace, meditating for hundreds of years in solitude – until the first of the demonic invasions. He did not enjoy the interruption.

Slow moving but deadly, Istok obliterates mobs using a combination of crowd control and heavy mace blows when he isn’t protecting his allies. Each hit on Istok’s shield enhances his attacks.


Passive - Thundering Bulwark

By receiving damage on his shields, Istok can build static charges which temporarily increase his damage.

Forceful Swing (LMB)

Primary 3-hit combo that deals damage and generates resolve. Each successful hit reduces the cooldown of Shield of the Righteous by 0.3s.

Thunderslam (RMB)

Massive frontal damage that deals lightning damage and slows enemies.

Shield of the Righteous (Shift)

Gain a temporary shield and stun immunity for yourself, and a weaker shield for all allies in range. All damage on any of the active shields generates static charges for Istok.

Mace Throw (MMB)

Throw the mace for a ranged attack; the mace then returns to your hand. Each enemy hit by it is damaged and stunned.

Taunt (E)

Taunt all enemies around you and force them to focus you.

Thunderfist (F)

Summon a gigantic fist from the ground that deals massive damage and consumes any static charges for a bigger damage bonus.

Overpower (Space)

Hit all enemies around you and heal yourself for each enemy affected.

Stay alive the longest with Fortitude as Istok’s primary attribute, with Strength as the runner up. The stats from weapons and gear can boost this, as well as provide resistances and bonuses. Don’t just depend on loot though! You can also craft your own items using recipes you’ll pick up from battles. Speak to Nirdalla to level up and customize aspects of your abilities.

"He stood perfectly still, eyes closed. A single bead of sweat formed on his forehead. Hordes of shrieking and hollering enemies closed in on him, celebrating their victory over the seemingly surrendered sage.
Blue eyes flashed open and a translucent film surrounded his form in the shape of a sphere. Shortswords, claws, fangs, and icy bolts crashed against it. For the dark knight directly in front of him, realization came too late. This was the Shield of the Righteous, a shield which, with every hit it blocked, amplified the damage of its bearer.
Arms tensed and knuckles white, Istok swung his hammer in a great circle. It shattered the bones of each foe who’d had the audacity to make an attempt on his life and sent them back to nothingness." - The Mystic's journal