The Juggernaut

After the bittersweet honor of becoming king was bestowed upon him after his father’s death, Kingewitch chose to don a warrior’s helm instead of the crown to take a more active role in guarding his kingdom. With an ominous gloom seeping further and further into the lands he swore to protect, Kingewitch needs as much might as he can get to save his people.

Kingewitch uses his fury to empower his abilities, and he has a lot to be angry about. A seasoned warrior, he can crush and carve through large groups of enemies with his menacing great axe.


Passive - Warrior's Focus

After using any of his abilities, the Juggernaut gains 30% attack damage increase for primary attacks, for 4 seconds. This effect does not stack.

Furious Strikes (LMB)

Primary combo that cleaves enemies and does a full 360 degree hit around Kingewitch on the last hit.

Powerslam (RMB)

A jumping powerslam to the ground that deals massive AoE damage to all enemies hit and generates extra Fury.

Dash (Shift)

Dash through enemies and leave a fiery trail on the ground that damages enemies.

Kubura (MMB)

Fire the Kubura twice, dealing damage and inflicting slow on enemies.

Whirlwind (E)

Begin a melee whirlwind, dealing damage for a few seconds to all nearby enemies.

Execution (F)

Unleash a massive frontal hit that instantly kills most enemies if they have less than a certain amount of health.

Stomp (Space)

Jump forward and stomp the ground, damaging and stunning enemies.

Channeling Kingewitch’s fury to the best of his abilities depends on pure Strength as his primary attribute, with Fortitude coming in second to be as sturdy as his Juggernaut title suggests. The stats from weapons and gear can boost these, as well as provide resistances and bonuses. Don’t just depend on loot though! You can also craft your own items using recipes you’ll pick up from battles. Speak to Nirdalla to level up and customize aspects of your abilities.

"For a split second it was difficult to tell if the figure pouncing overhead was man or beast. The hands were worn, the arms taut. Spittle flew from his mouth as he roared. A disheveled mane whipped about his face, and the eyes – aflame with white hot retribution. They were the last thing the Crypt Lord saw before he was sent back to the Shroud. Kingewitch unceremoniously yanked his bloodied great axe from the neck of the lifeless demon at his feet and took a step back. Piles of bodies were strewn across the scarlet sand, not a living being in sight. When his fury dwindled and the red haze dissipated, the heir to the throne allowed himself a mirthless grin." - The Mystic's journal