The Servant of Two Gods

Perun, God of thunder and Dabog, God of the sun, made prideful bets on which force is greater. Time passed and after many battles, none could defeat the other. The stalemate lasted for years before they decided to cease and call a draw. In the aftermath of the repeated manifestations of the Gods’ power, a being came into existence; a being made of the purest essence of lightning and fire. Lukian – named himself as The Servant of Two Gods – is the manifestation of two elements, trapped in the confines of the mortal plain.

Lukian’s conviction and devotion to two Gods gives him an affinity with both lightning and sunfire. Switching between the two and balancing between crowd control and calling down pure elemental destruction with his staff, he easily decimates hordes of enemies.


Passive - Servant of Two Gods

All Lukian spells can be activated and invoked with Lightning (LMB) or Sunfire (RMB) affinity. Each invocation reduces cooldown of all other spells by 3 seconds.

Spark of Perun (LMB)

Lightning strikes that hit enemies in front of Lukian.

Flameprayer (RMB)

Spin around and set enemies on fire while knocking them back.

Flash (Shift)

Trigger a lightning strike at your location, stunning enemies around you. You consume sunfire and lightning DoTs to heal and turn immaterial for a short duration. While moving in this state you leave a trail of sunfire.

Wrath of Elements

Chain Lightning (LMB) - Shoot lightning that bounces to multiple enemies, damaging and stunning them. Blazing Strikes (RMB) - Summon 3 fireballs and shoot them in succession. Each projectile deals AoE damage and burns enemies. Movement speed is decreased while casting.

Mark of the Gods

Sigil of Perun (LMB) - Create a lightning storm AoE that deals low damage, blinds enemies, and buffs allies. Mark of Dabog (RMB) - Create a boiling sunfire AoE that deals moderate damage, burns enemies, and buffs allies.

Element Incarnate

Lightning Incarnate (LMB) - Vanish and appear at a targeted location as a huge lightning bolt from the sky, inflicting moderate damage and a long stun on enemies. Living Sun (RMB) - Transform into the sun and dash forward in a straight line, inflicting massive damage to all enemies in line, leaving a trail of blazing fire.

Elemental Rings

Lightning Ring (LMB) - Release a wave of lightning that expands and contracts back to you, dealing greater damage to farther targets and slowing all enemies. Fire Nova (RMB) - Release a wave of sunfire, inflicting damage and burning enemies.

Make the most of Lukian’s elemental affinity by increasing his Intelligence first, and Fortitude second so he lives long enough to see his enemies smote. The stats from weapons and gear can boost this, as well as provide resistances and bonuses. Don’t just depend on loot though! You can also craft your own items using recipes you’ll pick up from battles. Speak to Nirdalla to level up and customize aspects of your abilities.

"Their fatal mistake was thinking of him as just another warrior they could kill with mere metal, or worse – mediocre elemental magic. Lukian, the Cleric of Two Gods, thrust his staff forward and sent a huge bolt of electric blue lightning streaking towards a mob of demons. One by one as the bolt bounced, they grew still, their eyes wide. He was eager to finish the pests off and took the chance while some were stunned. Fire enveloped him before he transformed completely into the sun itself and flew directly into a whole horde of enemies. It all happened so fast. Lukian looked over his shoulder. Not only had he left dozens of crispy, smoky bodies in his wake, but the bushes, trees, and old ruined buildings were all completely gone." - The Mystic's journal