The Vagrant Champion

The Vagrant Champion, defender of the people, reader of fortunes, and dancer of chaos… is but an unsuspecting young woman. The collective spirit of five great oracles possesses her – her music is tinged with the wisdom of ages, her steps and sweeps suggestive of the wild abandon of a warrior who serves no master, God, or order. Masha serves only the downtrodden and abandoned.

Masha uses footwork and dance to evade attacks while unleashing a flurry of slashing strikes herself. She draws from a tarot deck to receive buffs, and we all know that tarot can be a bit… unpredictable.


Passive - Deadly Dance

All of Masha’s Evasion Rating is converted to Critical Spell Damage instead of Chance to Dodge. Gain a chance to dodge while using primary attack.

Fourstep (LMB)

Combo of deadly dancing slashes. Every combo finisher resets cooldown of Tarot of Destiny.

Blinding Resonance (RMB)

Fast attack that deals damage and blinds all enemies it hits.

Tarot of Destiny (Shift)

Throw a tarot card to a specific location. Recast to teleport to it and receive its buff. After it expires it will return to Masha, damaging and blinding all enemies it hits. With each returned tarot card, Masha gets a temporary damage buff to her primary attack.

Soundwave (MMB)

Fire a cadence of flaming energy in a frontal cone, damaging all enemies in it.

Bladestorm (E)

Summon a bladestorm that encircles you, dealing continuous damage to all enemies. Recast to expand the storm.

Doomsay (F)

Curse a large area on the ground. Every enemy that steps in to the area gets marked with the "Curse of Chernobog". When an enemy marked with the "Curse of Chernobog" dies, all other enemies marked with the curse receive damage.

Twirl (Space)

Dash forward in a flurry of deadly dance moves, damaging all enemies in your path.

Masha’s fancy footwork depends mostly on Intelligence, followed by of course, Dexterity. The stats from weapons and gear can boost this, as well as provide resistances and bonuses. Don’t just depend on loot though! You can also craft your own items using recipes you’ll pick up from battles. Speak to Nirdalla to level up and customize aspects of your abilities.

"Despite being surrounded by mobs of bloodthirsty monsters, the young woman in the middle of them all seemed quite serene – she even hummed a ditty to herself. The woman was Masha, and she was dancing a dance of destruction. Blades hovered threateningly in a circle around her and slashed at anything that dared approach. She had her own weapons too, tambourines altered for battle, which she took delight in wielding. Fancy footwork carried her through the enemy ranks and kept her out of harm’s way as she twirled, slid, glided, and jumped her way to victory, all the while slashing doggedly at her enemies. Death wasn’t on the cards today." - The Mystic's journal