The Dark Sentinel

Morokh stood as a gatekeeper at the Soul Gate for an eternity, preserving balance and order. Every soul seeking passage to the realm of the dead had to face his fair and just judgment first. One fateful day, the precious balance of souls was shattered with the arrival of an overwhelming tide of souls. Such was the influx of recently deceased, even dread guardian Morokh was unable to judge them all. Incensed and more than a little curious, the Dark Sentinel travelled back to the world of the living to find out just who would have the audacity to dare send so many souls to a premature death.

A melee caster who cripples enemy defenses to deal massive amounts of damage, Morokh is a scythe-wielding reaper intent on casting judgment. With every enemy hit, a fraction of their soul is stored in his Soul Essence container. This essence is the key component in casting devastating black magic.


Passive - Curse of Morokh

Every primary attack inflicts "Curse of Morokh" on all targets hit.

Sinister Cleave (LMB)

A quick primary 3-hit combo that deals damage and generates Soul Essence.

The Great Cleave (RMB)

A massive frontal hit that deals damage, generates extra Soul Essence, and resets cooldown of Harvest.

Shadow Step (Shift)

Become ethereal and gain increased movement speed, while being able to run through enemies for a short time. Every enemy touched gets infected with "Curse of Morokh".

Harvest (MMB)

Blink to target location and deal AoE damage.

Horrible Visage (E)

Inflict low damage and fear all targets in AoE radius.

Reaping (F)

Empower your weapon with Corruption and the ability to stack multiple stacks of Curse of Morokh on a single target, as well as granting life leech.

Soul Drain (Space)

Inflict bleeding damage over time by consuming all Curse of Morokh stacks from the enemies around you. Each consumed stack grants health.

Let the dark magic flow freely by keeping Morokh’s Intelligence high and choose between Fortitude and Dexterity as a secondary. The stats from weapons and gear can boost this, as well as provide resistances and bonuses. Don’t just depend on loot though! You can also craft your own items using recipes you’ll pick up from battles. Speak to Nirdalla to level up and customize aspects of your abilities.

"Morokh’s form changed. He was there, but immaterial, illusory. All weapons and magic thrown at him simply passed through. The sight of shadow and bone advancing, scythe in hand, to reap the harvest of souls was enough to instill fear in the most daring of warriors. Enemies scattered but it was an exercise in futility. He drifted listlessly among them, wispy tendrils of Morokh’s Curse stroking the face and neck of every demon he shadow-stepped through. When his body returned, he called the curse back to him, along with the life it had sapped. All that remained was to end their misery with a swift, wide-sweeping swing of his scythe. " - The Mystic's journal