The Royal Assassin

Hailing from Valence, a technologically advanced nation beyond the Shroud, Valeria is here for one reason only: to prevent the Shroud from spilling into her lands. Demon slaying from dawn until way beyond dusk may seem like a daunting challenge to most, but there aren’t many problems that can’t be solved with her trusty crossbow. Besides, she didn’t become Royal Assassin with wit alone.

An agile ranger who hunts her prey with a ranged, fast-firing crossbow. The more she avoids danger, the faster she moves and attacks. With an array of traps and abilities, both she and her shadow clone have no problem wreaking havoc on the battlefield.


Passive - Haste

Gain increased movement speed, primary attack speed and passive Focus gain after not taking damage for 6 seconds.

Barrage (LMB)

Continuous barrage of crossbow fire. Hold to do continuous damage.

Bursting Shot (RMB)

A short-ranged quick shot that damages, pushes back, and slows enemies. Bursting Shot generates Focus per enemy hit.

Jump Out (Shift)

Jump out of danger. Jump Out has 2 charges that can be either used as 2 separate jumps, or by expending both charges during one jump. If recast during the jump, it triggers an aerial attack that strikes all enemies in the targeted area.

Trueshot (MMB)

A powerful line shot that deals damage dependant on the enemy's current health.

Leash Trap (E)

Shoot a bolt into the ground. The bolt leashes all enemies in the area so they cannot move until the leash expires. Leash Trap does low damage over time.

Shadow Twin (F)

Summon a static shadow clone of yourself which taunts enemies for a short duration. Summoning instantly rests cooldown of Bursting Shot. Shadow Twin replicates Barrage, Bursting Shot, and Trueshot attacks.

Bond (Space)

Bind yourself to either an enemy, an ally, or a summoned Shadow Twin. Binding with an ally grants both of you a damage boost, while binding with an enemy lets you leech their life. Each enemy that intersects the bond is slowed and the duration of Bond is shortened.

The potential to dish out damage fast comes with Strength as Valeria’s main attribute, and Dexterity a close second. The stats from weapons and gear can boost this, as well as provide resistances and bonuses. Don’t just depend on loot though! You can also craft your own items using recipes you’ll pick up from battles. Speak to Nirdalla to level up and customize aspects of your abilities.

"The confused faces of her enemies hadn’t gotten old for Valeria yet. Not a lot of people, let alone Shroud demons, had seen someone dual wield automatic crossbows – and that wasn’t the only trick she’d brought from home. She fired a bolt into the ground which turned into a sophisticated trap which leashed all enemies in the vicinity. It didn’t quite get a hold of everyone and so a second later, there were two of her on the battlefield. She stifled a laugh as one poor creature swung its head wildly from her to her shadow clone and back. Both Valerias then continued to stick everyone between them with bolts until they resembled nothing more than pin cushions." - The Mystic's journal