How To Pagan

Frequently Asked Questions

1What Is Pagan Online?

PAGAN ONLINE is an action hack-and-slash role-playing video game set in a fantasy universe. The world is inspired by pre-Christian mythology, and players can explore it alone or cooperatively. Developed in cooperation between and Mad Head Games, the game will launch first for Windows PCs.

Control powerful characters and experience procedurally generated battlegrounds, full of enemies, loot, and plenty of mayhem!

2When Will Pagan Online Launch?

Pagan Online is currently in the Trials stage, which means that we are still working on the game, granting limited early access to a chosen few. We are eager to get feedback from our first players. During the Trials period, the game will only operate during specific timeframes that will be announced in advance.

3What Is The Point Of The Trials?

It is very important to us to get your insights and thoughts about the game so that we can continue to improve and fine-tune the gameplay.

We will be testing the client and server stability and collecting data that will help us tune different aspects such as the progression, balance, economy, difficulty, etc. But most importantly, we want to completely stress our servers, and we won't be fully satisfied until they are burning. Let's make them melt to the point that we can create figurines of our characters with them. Help us break the game. Destroy it now so that we can fix it later.

4How Do I Join The Pagan Online Trials?

You can sign up to The Trials from our website Fill in the questionnaire and check your emails regularly. The Chosen will receive emails with instructions.

I Got The Invitation. Now what?

You are now one of the Chosen, which means that you get to play the game before we open the gates to everybody. Follow the instructions to download and install the game, but note that the servers will only be available during certain timeframes. We will notify you before this happens.

A account on the European server is needed to take part in The Trials. If you don’t have an account, create one here:

We want to know what you think of Pagan Online, so send us your feedback. Remember that the game is under development, meaning that what you see may not represent the final quality or looks of the game. Expect some minor issues, and help us identify them so that we can address them.

The email that you received inviting you to The Trials should have a link to join a Discord server. Click it and to gain access to our private channels, in which you can share game related information, provide feedback, report bugs, and recount all the times you died playing on max difficulty. You will also meet other Chosen along with some of the Wargaming and Mad Head Games staff.

Remember that this Discord channel is the only place where Pagan Online information can be shared. The game is under NDA!

What’s An NDA?

Non-Disclosure Agreement. When you get into the game, you agree to keep everything confidential. That means that you are not allowed to share any information or assets about the game publicly. Breaching the NDA could not only result in a permanent game ban, but also in legal actions.

Are There Exceptions To The NDA?

Reach out to us through Discord and show us what you have planned or already have created. We will evaluate the proposal and come back to you with decision and recommendations. In some cases, we will provide help, additional assets and promotion. We are willing to make some exceptions to the NDA if the content and the timing is right.

No Hablo Inglés, Can I still Apply?

At this stage we are only using English, meaning that all communications will happen in this language. If you don't speak English (in which case you probably won't be reading this), then we kindly ask you to wait a little bit longer before applying. More languages will be supported in the future.

5What Are The System Requirements?

  • Minimum requirements

  • OS: XP SP3/Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • CPU: x86-compatible 2.66GHz or better
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 650Ti or ATI Radeon HD 7850 or better
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Recommended requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1/Windows 10
  • CPU: x64-compatible, quad core, 3.2GHz or better
  • GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti or ATI Radeon™ RX560 or better
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11 or greater