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Turn your passion into profession

Might & Glory Club is a gathering of people who are passionate about games, particularly when it comes to creating things and connecting people - so streamers, artists, bloggers, and everyone who creates on a constant basis and/or manages communities of any size. 

We love games our way - creating them; you love games your way - playing and sharing everything about them. We see the Might & Glory Club as an opportunity for us to support your creativity and passion for games. If we’re lucky, we will be even able to help some of you to turn your passion into a career! 

As you already know from today’s news, Pagan Online officially launches on August 27 with massive feature and content updates. If you compare the release version to Early Access, it’s a completely different game. The official release of Pagan Online is a fantastic occasion to run the first activity for the Might & Glory Club, and here’s what we have to offer. 

Gamescom is the biggest European games show that, this year, will run August 20-24, as always in Cologne, Germany. This is exactly one week before the official release of Pagan Online. That’s right, the release version of Pagan Online will be exclusively available at our Gamescom booth in the play zone. What’s more, those who try the game there will get an exclusive in-game pet - Decimator the Dragon. 

Obviously, not everyone can visit Gamescom this year. So here’s what we’re thinking: we are happy to grant access to the release version of Pagan Online to members of the Might & Glory Club, as well as a bunch of exclusive pet activation codes (for giveaways). All this during the week of Gamescom. So it turns out the only way people can check out the release version of Pagan Online and get exclusive rewards a whole week before the official launch is either visiting our Gamescom booth or watching your streams, videos, reading your reviews, graphic novels and whatever else you creative people can come up with! Here’s what the experts think:

When a developer gives creators exclusive access to the game and allows them to share content before release, this alone makes this event one of the most interesting things I’ve ever heard of. I’m even thinking about joining the Might & Glory Club, even though I am very famous already.

-  Anonymous influencer

We will be sharing the details of the event mechanics in the weeks to come. For now we can say that every day from August 21 to 25 (when you will hopefully stream, create videos and do other amazing things), we will nominate Heroes of Pagan Online from authors of the most creative and thoughtful pieces of content. We will consider quality and the popularity of submissions as equally important, which means even if you don’t have a significant following, you still have a great chance to win by being creative. Heroes nominated during the five days of the event will be included in the game credits, and their content will receive media support from us and our partners. The most creative participants will be offered a partnership with Pagan Online, which will entail coaching, consulting, help, and media support to turn their hobbies into a profession. 

Today we encourage you to join the Might & Glory Club by filling in this simple form. We will accept applications until August 15.

One more time, the schedule:

  • July 25 - August 15 - application gathering
  • August 15 - 20 - application validation
  • August 21 - 25 - exclusive access to the release version of Pagan Online and the 5 day content extravaganza

Check out the FAQ section for more info