DEVLOG #7: Let us tell you a story... no spoilers!

Discover the storytellers and masterminds behind the campaign, the narrative designers of Pagan Online.

BFP #1 draws near!

Big F**king Patch #1 is close - read all about it.

DEVLOG #5: To release & beyond!

Spoiler alert: after our big Roadmap reveal, Uros is back to announce our new devlog format.

DEVLOG #4: Hero Souls

Tanaram goes over Patch 0.4.0. changes; the balance of heroes and enemies and our brand new unlock system: Hero Souls.

DEVLOG #3: Pain

Lead designer Easymode introduces some huge changes to difficulty.

DEVLOG #2: Co-op incoming!

After a short break in the most Slavic fashion, the team is back in force and ready to deliver on co-op.

DEVLOG #1: One Million Battles

See what's in store for Pagan Online in our brand new series.