Trials Update

January 25, 2019

On January 18, we invited you to check out Pagan Online. Unfortunately, most of you were unable to access the game and the few who managed to were stuck in loading screens or unceremoniously booted from it. We made two unsuccessful attempts to fix the problem at the time and since your gaming experience is the most important thing to us, in the end we decided it was best to shut down the servers.

We’ve been hard at work identifying, fixing, and testing changes we’ve made to our servers over the past week. Tech stuff aside, there are servers which needed to behave in a certain way whilst being connected to one another and let’s just say they didn’t behave.

We can’t give you a specific date for the new Trials yet, but we hope to be ready and raring to go by mid-February. Keep an eye out on our social media and Discord for a new announcement nearer the time.

The amount of people excited to try Pagan Online exceeded our most optimistic expectations several times over. When we took the servers offline, many of you were understanding and patient and we are humbled and grateful to have you all as players. As many of you said - it’s better now than on launch day!

We look forward to seeing you in the Pantheon soon.

TL;DR thanks for your understanding, we are still working on it, and we will resume the Trials in mid-February with a specific date announcement to follow nearer the time.

Jacob Beucler, Product Director at Wargaming
Uros Banjesevic, Creative Director at Mad Head Games